Walking With Charlie


Episode 1: Navigating the Pandemic


Episode 2: Arithmetic vs. Logarithmic Charts


Episode 3: Financial Hitchhikers


Episode 4: Jumpstarting Your Financial Plan


Episode 5: Analyzing Your Relationship With Money


Episode 6: Hitting The Retirement Plan Refresh Button


Episode 7: Destinations, Waypoints & Milestones


Episode 8: Fees & Building a Relationship With Your Advisors


Episode 9: Evaluating Investment Performance


Episode 10: The K-Shaped Recovery


Episode 11: Taking Control of Your Financial Affairs


Episode 12: Asking the Right Questions


Episode 13: Getting Our Second Wind


Episode 14: Seasons Greetings From Coleman Wealth


Episode 15: Following the Puck


Episode 16: He's Back!


Episode 17: Walking with Charlie 20 ~ Cottage Edition!