Your Wealth is Simpler When It's Integrated

solution iconWealth solutions work best when they work together. When you are looking for a simpler picture of where you stand, it's difficult to find it when your goals are competing or your strategies have been obtained from multiple sources.

Our first responsibility is to find the right solutions and our second is to synchronize them. That's why we bring together strategies for all aspects of your wealth and align them with your prioritized objectives.

The problem with wealth planning for many people is that they have to compromise either suitability or simplicity. Complicated financial realities can't be treated with simplistic solutions; on the other hand, it's difficult to follow a plan that is just as complex as the challenges you face.

We approach financial planning in a way that differs from most traditional financial planners. We start with a thorough analysis of your entire financial picture and then we translate results into a segmented, prioritized plan that we will work together with you to implement over time.

By designing a modular planning roadmap for each client roadmap and a ProModule Puzzle, we aim to simplify your financial situation and break down the working parts. This includes:

  • Goal setting and time horizon analysis
  • Asset allocation analysis built to suit your goals
  • Portfolio and risk tolerance analysis
  • Retirement planning, saving and projections
  • Life insurance, disability, critical illness and long term care analysis
  • Coordination of your tax and estate plans
  • Efficient strategies for your philanthropy
  • Our ProModule Process
"Everything changed when my father passed, but Darren and his team made a real effort to make me and my mom comfortable with the state of her wealth. They made sure we fully understood the decisions we made together, and my mother ended up with greater financial stability than either of us expected."
- Jeanette G.
Toronto, ON